Live-chat con il co-fondatore di Reddit
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Live-chat con il co-fondatore di Reddit

Un evento a cura del team di FastCompany, in syndication.

by lillo
Alexis Ohanian, co-fondatore del social network che è diventato 'sottobosco e front-page' (americano) di Internet, in cui accadono le cose più strane e interessanti, parlerà  con i giornalisti di FastCompany del suo ultimo libro, Without Their Permission.

Come si legge nella descrizione dell'evento, Alexis offre, nel suo libro, una serie di consigli per aspiranti imprenditori. 

Chi meglio di lui, che ha aiutato molte start-ups a sfondare ed è stato paladino dei diritti dei cibernauti, battendosi contro lo Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) proposto lo scorso anno al senato americano. 

Assieme ai giornalisti e moderatori di FastCompany, si parlerà "delle umili origini di uno dei più popolari siti al mondo, della lotta per un Internet libero e aperto, e di tutto ciò che è compreso tra questi due estremi."

Le domande inviate tramite questo blog raggiungeranno direttamente Alexis, che potrà rispondervi in tempo reale. 

  • Today in Fast Company we talked about the lack of diversity in the startup world. One study found that only 1% of startups that got funded in early 2010 had even one black team member. One of the mantras of your book is “all links are created equal” but obviously there’s still a discrepancy, can you speak to this?
    Miles Kohrman 10/8/2013 5:20:22 PM
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  • Relevant quote from the book:
    "I have this great idea" -- Everyone
    Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 5:21:10 PM
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  • After Alexis' response we're going to include some of your questions. If you have anything you'd like to ask, please submit now!
    Miles Kohrman 10/8/2013 5:22:02 PM
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  • Absolutely!
    The platform is itself democratic in that all links are crated equal (as long as Verizon doesn't get its way) but society, unfortunately, is not. That's why I'm such a huge supporter of orgs like Black Girls Code, Girls Who Code and -- shameless plug: I'm fundraising for all STEM projects in brookyln and the grandprize for the raffle is a year of mentorship from me.

    Oh and how can I forget where i just 2 weeks ago judged their pitch finale.

    This will not correct itself, which is why these orgs are so important. And because wealth (and value) is created so quickly and massively thanks to the internet (e.g. dropbox goes from being made in a bus station to multi-billion $ company in 5 years only happens because of the internet) that means the people who have the access and the skills have a huge advantage and we risk creating an even bigger divide in this country. is an awesome concept -- I'd love it even more if there were no mention of being "TED for people of color" -- just start an awesome TED-like event and community, have a bunch of people of color and don't say anything about it. These are not "awesome people of color on stage" but simply "awesome people on stage."
    Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 5:27:08 PM
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  • Okay, now we're going to segue into questions from readers. A lot of them are about reddit, something we haven't really discussed yet.
    Miles Kohrman 10/8/2013 5:29:23 PM
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  • Do you get upset by everyone shamelessly crowd sourcing reddit for story ideas and traffic?
    Katy 10/8/2013 5:29:44 PM
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  • view from my judge's seat at - proud to be a part!

    Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 5:31:16 PM
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  • Harvesting subreddits for content? I don't know what you're talking about.

    Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 5:32:25 PM
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  • Katy, it's all good. It's been happening for years now and fortunately people are getting better about at least citing. Even Gawker has grudgingly started putting "via reddit" at the bottom of articles they've harvested. There's really nothing that can be done about it, but hope people do the right thing. Social media platforms like reddit, twitter, tumblr, etc are always going to be able to discover and create new content faster and more creatively than even a room full of the smartest, wittiest, best-smelling editors and writers.
    Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 5:35:12 PM
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  • Is there anything that you've come to realize, as an entrepreneur, is a huge waste of time?
    erin719nyc 10/8/2013 5:35:56 PM
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  • I wasted hours making this terrible business card. HOURS.

    Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 5:36:18 PM
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  • If you're an early stage entrepreneur, your job is to obsessively do two things:
    1. Write code (build the product/service)
    2. Get users (hustle the product/service)
    Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 5:37:13 PM
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  • What does your business card look like now?
    Miles Kohrman 10/8/2013 5:38:01 PM
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  • It is invisible because I do not have one.

    Phonecalls are the devil. Really you just need my email, so I'm in the habit of collecting a card from someone and pinging them there OR just emailing them from my smartphone right on the spot. Ta-Da! No cards. But if you insist on carrying some deadtree in your pocket just go to moocards and be done with it.
    Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 5:39:33 PM
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  • Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 5:39:55 PM
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  • A friend of mine recently hypothesized that companies like Google and Apple are the General Motors and AIG of our generation — that they may one day grow to be so large that they'll be deemed "too big to fail," and their collapse could have serious ramifications for the global economy. Do you think there's some validity to that idea?
    KimboSlyce 10/8/2013 5:40:29 PM
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  • Jess Hullinger 10/8/2013 5:40:29 PM
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  • Interesting.... I've never really thought of this. My *hope* is that software + hardware companies are difference from auto manuf. and insurance, but given how much the world depends on Google (and to some extent Apple) I see what you're saying. Let's hope they keep printing money? I'd be more concerned about the GOOG only because there is so much of our everyday lives (private and public) tied into google that it feels much more likely to be a 'too big to fail' candidate.... Way to bring me down, KimboSlyce.
    Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 5:45:18 PM
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  • Are you still as excited meeting with go-getters as you were on the other side of the table during your initial trip to hear Paul Graham and other whirlwind meetings?
    leroygardner 10/8/2013 5:47:14 PM
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  • Yes, but I'm lucky because the founders I meet with tend to be really amazing. Doing signings at the first few book events has been like doing open office hours to some extent because there are so many hungry entrepreneurs who I love chatting up. I'm hopelessly addicted to coffee, though, so that probably helps, too. Biggie taught me to always stay hungry, like I'm an intern, and treat every day like it's my first day -- so it does feel pretty much the same, even though I'm definitely older and have more senior moments these days.
    Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 5:50:23 PM
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  • Some added context: In his question, Leroy is referring to Paul Graham, the founder of Y Combinator.
    Miles Kohrman 10/8/2013 5:51:59 PM
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  • The current Internet already so broken -- because of NSA eavesdropping, spam, trolling, you name it -- that some prominent thinkers say we should be building a second, separate, more open version of the Web. What's your stance on this?
    noahr 10/8/2013 5:53:47 PM
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  • Yes, you bring up a good point. There's a great John Gilmore quote about this "The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it."

    The internet is a resourceful platform, but we as humans are also pretty damn resourceful. One way or another, just like Chinese activists circumvent the "Great Firewall" every day, people will continue to find ways to keep the internet going and keep getting to the ideas they want to express and consume.
    Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 5:54:53 PM
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  • How have you found people best stand out in the internet? Is it purely about virality or can a truly good concept make it into the right hands of decision makers?
    thePortfolium 10/8/2013 5:57:08 PM
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  • it's a gift and a curse, but the best ideas don't always win.

    Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 5:57:38 PM
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  • But good ideas can (and do) get to decision makers -- my favorite example would be the SOPA/PIPA fight, which was declared inevitable by so many experts in DC, until a bunch of us, millions of people, made it unthinkable. We defeated $94M in lobbying from the entertainment industry and did so with an entirely leader-ful movement from the grassroots level (shamless: read all about it in my book ;))
    Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 5:59:36 PM
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  • Also cats help. A lot.

    Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 5:59:56 PM
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  • Do you have to have tons of capital to start your own business, or just a really good idea and some time at night to work on it? Is it possible to start a company from nothing within 3 months?
    SunshineRoom113 10/8/2013 6:01:33 PM
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  • You can definitely start it as a side hustle -- many before you have! The cost of starting companies these days is almost trivial -- it's cheaper to pay a cellphone bill than to host your first website. And many platforms -- etsy, kickstarter, creativemarket, shopify etc etc etc are marketplaces for talented people to (for nothing) start their own small empire. See what I did there? I'm sorry.
    Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 6:02:53 PM
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  • Jess Hullinger 10/8/2013 6:03:45 PM
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  • Apologies for the radio silence! We're going to take a short break while Alexis finishes up what he's doing and finds a solid internet connection. We'll send out a tweet from @FastCompany to let you know when we're back.

    Thank you all for your participation!
    Miles Kohrman 10/8/2013 7:05:17 PM
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  • Yes, maccabeam, you should totally be like Grace Hopper. Obviously this also means use your best judgement and behave responsibly, but this cuts down on so much of the unnecessary bureaucracy that gets in the way of progress at so many large organizations. People need a bit of freedom to take risks, and sometimes fail, if they're going to improve and innovate.
    Alexis Ohanian 10/8/2013 9:56:39 PM
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